Monday, August 20, 2012

Religion & Weather in Spain


Under King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella all Spaniards were required to practice Roman Catholicism. There was no tolerance for other religions, such as Islam or Judaism. The punishment was exile (if you were lucky) or death. Today, over 95% percent of Spaniards are Roman Catholic, although Muslims and Jews may now freely practice their religions.

Roman Catholicism



Based on the Christian belief that Jesus was the son of God through the Holy conception with the Virgin Mary, Roman Catholicism  was formed by the disciples of Christ. Catholics also pray to the Virgin Mary and to Saints anointed by the church.

Later, during Islamic rule, Spain was a multicultural mix of Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Islamic tradition was to set aside sections of the cities for non-Muslims and to discourage intermingling. Although Christians and Jews lived under restrictions, the three groups managed to live together in relative peace.


In general, Spain enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with moderate temperatures and dry summers and winters. Plan for lots of sunshine. However, you should remember that Spain is a large geography and includes mountains as well as ocean and sea shores. So, be check the specific climate for your location and during the time you plan to visit.


For example, to the north you will find a mild climate with high rainfall, mild as an ex Winters and relatively cool Summers at 75F / 25C.

In the higher elevations of the Pyrenees you will find a colder climate with snow through Winter and into Spring. You'll also see lots of free roaming cattle on the mountain roads leading up to Andorra so if driving, take adequate precaution and make sure your vehicle is properly equipped for the weather.

As you pack for your trip, consider the time of the year and to where in Spain you will be traveling.

If you are going to the coastal areas, you shouldn't need warm clothes. If you are going to Madrid, pack for the time of year. You won't need to dress up to go out at night. The Spanish focus more on the food and the dancing. Check my products for gorgeous, inexpensive jewelry.

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