Thursday, January 10, 2013

Places to visit in Brussels, Begium

Located in the center of Europe, fought over by the English, French and Germans, and now the home of the European Union, NATO, the hundreds of international organizations spun off these two groups; Brussels is densely packed with "must visit" places for tourists. Getting her is a snap with high-speed rail, international airlines, and super highways to the North, South, East, and West. Yet, Brussels has retained its small town charm amid these cosmopolitan attractions. So, here is my recommendation for a few of the highlights.

Grand Place

The Grand Place, has been called Europe’s most beautiful medieval square. Built in the 13th century, The Grand Place served a the hub of commerce in Brussels; however, the French bombarded Brussels in 1695, leveling the Grand Place. Four years later the Guilds of Brussels rebuilt the Grand Place and now their Guild Buildings line the square. This beautiful square is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Every other year (2014) the Grand Place is decked out in an amazing flower carpet, made up of 1 million begonias - an amazing sight.

Horta Museum

Horta Museum in Brussels is the house that Victor Horta built it for himself in late 1890. It is an excellent example of architectural style that made Horta one of Belgium's most respected architects and a thought leader in Art Nouveau  style throughout Europe. It is a must see, since I love Art Nouveau. I was very impressed.


Built in for the Worlds Fair in 1958, the Atomium is a cross between sculpture and architecture. Modeled after a crystallized molecule of iron magnified 150 thousand million times, it's primary purpose was to promote commerce; so, it should be no surprise that it contains exposition halls and a restaurant. Inside the Sculpture, escalators take visitors to expositions in the various spheres and the upper sphere houses a restaurant, Chez Adrienne (note the windows in the sphere).

Atomium is located near Mini-Europe Park which also has  1/25th replicas of famous attractions across Europe. It is near King Baudouin Stadium.

Saint Michael and Gudula Cathedral

Beautiful Gothic cathedral  located at Treurenberg hill. Is an amazing place to visit.

It's architecture is on par with Notre Dame in Paris. Is also is the home of a stunning stained glass window series, three scenes of the legend of the Miraculous Sacrament. Since the early 11th century there was a church here. In 1047, Duke of Brabant, Lambert II, ordered that the relics of Saint Gudula to be moved from St Gorik in downtown Brussels to the new church on the hill Treurenberg. Since then St Michael and St Gudula acquired a greater importance than any other church, Brussels.

City Hall Gothic Tower

When you enter the Grand Place your eyes can't miss the stunning architecture of the City Hall. Also gutted in the French bombardment of Brussels, it was rebuild over a period of 50 years and now has regained its original splendor.

A little secret. Be sure to visit inside this beautiful building. Here you will  find a treasure trove of tapestries, sculptures and art that represent the local history and culture of Brussels.  

The Chocolate Museum

You definitely have to go to the Chocolate Museum, it is amazing!!!
Even if you do not love chocolate, you will appreciated  the work.
You learn so much and see some incredible things like the pictures I placed for you to see here.   They are "ALL" made of chocolate. Incredible!

Then you can go and visit some of the Brussels’s most celebrated chocolate shops.  Here is a few:


Located in the heart of the city, this family-owned chocolatier has been in business since 1910. It’s the official chocolate supplier to the Belgian Court.

Pierre Marcoline

His flagship store is located near the Grand Place. Marcolini opened his first store in 1995, the same year he was named the World Champion of Pastry. So he is considered a new but amazing addition to the Belgian chocolate scene.


  1. Thank you for such a great posting. I can't wait to visit Brussels now and the chocolate museum. I will use your blog as the guide.

  2. You are very welcome! Thanks for writing me. Comments like yours is what makes my job worth it.
    When you go to Brussels and visit the Chocolate Museum, please eat some chocolate for me, loveeeeeeeeeeee chocolate.