Friday, January 31, 2014

Introduction to the Netherlands

I went to Amsterdam 3 times. It is so beautiful and I had so much fun every time I went, but of course  it has problems like every big city in the world.

On the fun side, you can explore Amsterdam like the Dutch, from the seat of a bicycle. You will see that a bicycle is the favorite form of transportation for the people of Amsterdam and the best way for tourist to get around. From your bike, you can cruise by the curved canals, gabled architecture, famous districts, and even the well publicized smoke houses. A short ride in any direction brings you to any one of the famous museums and I am sure you will find a few surprises along your route.  For example, delicate Delft statues and table ware and markets with red and yellow wrapped rounds of cheese can be found in any of the border towns you pass by. Many have lovely sandy beaches that are ideal for a picnic if you are out of Amsterdam.  As you ride out into the countryside, you will find picturesque windmills and in the Spring, fields of magnificent tulips.

However you may see problems in Amsterdam as well. Recently, the Dutch have been seeing more crime that you would expect. I will talk about crime later so be sure to check out my "Being Safe" section.
Population of the Netherlands is 16,805,037 (July 2013 est.)
Area is 16,033 sq miles (41,526 km²)
Language is Dutch
Capitol is Amsterdam

Have a great trip  and safe trip to the Netherlands.

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