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Religion & Weather in Slovakia

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Most Slovaks are very religious and predominately Christian with a few thousand Jews. The Christian majority are mostly Roman Catholics; however, you will also find large groups of Evangelicals and Protestants. Greek Catholics and Orthodox Christians are mostly found in Eastern Slovakia.

Slovaks don't just claim a religious affiliation, they live it every day. You will find a saint's feast day, virtually every other day and it is easy to find a local religious festival. Most Slovaks attend church weekly and are very devout. It should come as no surprise that most of the important works of architecture are churches.


The Slovakian climate varies across the country; however, it tends to be a more temperate continental climate zone leading to a beautiful Spring, warm Summer, crisp Autumn and cold Winter with an abundance of snow. As you would expect the mountainous area is cooler and the South and Western areas tend to be warmer. 
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Spring and Autumn the best time to visit with less rain, clearer skies, milder weather and fewer crowds. July temperatures average 21°C (70°F) in the lowlands such as along the Danube and January averages -2°C (28°F).  Remember, if you are going to the mountains prepare for temperatures below freezing.

While Spring sees the lowest rainfall, generally the weather is damp and travelers would be advise to prepare for sudden heavy storms. In addition, the lower regions are subject to heavy fog, so driving can be treacherous.

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