Friday, July 18, 2014

Loss of my beautiful Husky

I lost my best friend 2 days ago, her name was Tundra.
She was so extremely special and I miss her so very much.
My heart is so tight and tears are on my face.

Everywhere Tundra went, she stopped traffic. People always stopped to see her and pet her.  She knew exactly what "beautiful" meant. When people would say what a beautiful dog, she would go to the person with her beautiful fluffy tail wagging and would try to kiss them. She especially loved children.

Every time she would see a smaller dog, she would lay down on the ground so the other dog knew she was not a threat.

She was pure love, such lady.

We never left her in a shelter.  Rather than leave her alone, either my husband or I would stay with her.  She knew she was our  baby and did not like to be alone. I was so careful, always making sure she had fresh, filtered water, the best food from the Vet and the treats that she loved. 

Tundra was almost 13 years old, that means she was almost 91 in our age, she died of old age but no one could tell her age. This picture was taken the day she passed.

I have no regrets, she was not  just a dog, she was my family.

Please, if you still have your dog, treat him or her with love, they only give love to us. They trust us to do the best for them. They will defend us against anyone or anything that will try to hurt us.

My husband made a song for her many years ago and it was like this;
"We love you Tundra, oh yes we do, we love you Tundra and we'll be true, when you are far from us, we're blue, Oh Tundra we love you."

I miss you now so much my baby Husky and I will miss you forever.
Marcia / July 16, 2014

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