Friday, October 10, 2014

Food in Slovakia

In Slovakia you will find colorful regional dishes with high quality and attractive prices. In the mountainous areas, you will find more reliance on cheeses and milk products while the more spicy food with cabbage specialties, goose, flat bread and sweet pastries can be found in the valleys and low lying areas. Their food developed in the villages using locally produced ingredients. This is the reason the food varies by region. Slovak cuisine such as stuffed cabbage are known everywhere Slovaks have settled throughout the world. You will find staples such as potatoes, wheat flour, milk and cheese from both cows and sheep, cabbage, onions and garlic. Combine that with pork, poultry, cabbage, and imported rice and you have the basics of Slovakian cooking.
So here are a few typical dishes in the area.

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Bryndzové halušky is a traditional dish found which consists of potato mixed with a soft and salty sheep curd. Fried bacon chopped in tiny pieces is added to the ready meal, which makes it especially tasty. The traditional beverage to accompany the meal is sour milk or whey.

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Treska is a cold salad made of codfish, mayonnaise and some vegetables. Quite popular snack in the Bratislava region, and lately also in other parts of Slovakia.

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Kapustnica (cabbage soup) is a thick Slovakian soup which is  traditionally prepared at the end of the year, generally for Christmas and New Years Eve. There are lots of varieties of this soup, regional specialties and even family modifications. In some regions, it is spiced up with smoked meat, sausages and mushrooms. Those prepared for special holidays are also different. For example, even within a specific regions, this soup will vary on holidays, with special ingredients such as the Vianočná Kapustnica (Christmas Cabbage Soup) which is cooked without meat, it is thickened with the soft, salty sheep curd, cream and potatoes.

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Make sure you don't miss out on the local sweets. They include tarts, cookies and sweet breads using wheat and potato flower, powdered sugar and chocolate. 

Enjoy your visit to Slovakia and their food.

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