Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Special Thanks to All Americans

This is a very special thanks to all Americans
and non- Americans that live in this country and read my blog constantly.
I am an American but was not born here, I was born in Brazil but have been in the U.S for 38 years.
So I  have been living here most of my life.

Americans always wants to help, to respect their country, to have their freedom and believe me it takes a while to get to know Americans but when you make friends you make true ones.

I will speak on my blog about the United States of America, I will talk about each city in the U.S. I love this country and I love Americans, so you guys can see that I also love myself because I am an American. 

It will take a while to talk about the U.S because I am actually writing about Traveling the World, so I am really writing for Americans that would love to travel abroad. At the end I will tell everyone about traveling in the U.S.

In the U.S you learn about being honest and truthful, people respect you and your privacy. Law works.
Beautiful places to go and live, in a big city to a small town on the suburbs.
Anyway, Thank you Americans for reading my blog more then anyone in the World.

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