Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Food in Paris

Paris is one of Europe's culinary centers. The restaurant trade began just over 220 years ago and continues to thrive. It may, however, come as a big surprise that Paris is not consider the culinary capital of France; rather, some people prefer the French cooking found in small rural restaurants, outside of the city. They are closer to the farms and and have a strong focus on freshness and regional specialties.

If you like to eat a lot, Paris is not the place to go, portions are small  but you can have several courses.
I personally love french food, I find it light, fresh and absolutely delicious - love french bread too.

You can find hundreds of beautiful restaurants with well planned or just trendy interior design.
Trendy restaurants often require reservations weeks, if not months in advance. If you have not planned far enough ahead, try to get a reservation for lunch which is generally easier and also less expensive.
Enjoy the Parisian food, you will love it!

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