Friday, May 25, 2012

Places to go in Paris

There is so much to do in Paris. If you do not feel like going where tourists are, because it is generally very crowded, just to sit in a Cafe, have wonderful food and appreciate what is around you, sometimes is enough. Or, you could walk to see beautiful Art Galleries, do some shopping and see the way Parisians dress and walk, it is so much fun.  But if you want to see some beautiful places, go to:

1-World famous Eiffel Tower and viewing the city from on high, it is definitely a majestic view.

2- Champs Elysee's is one of the most popular and romantic streets right in the heart of Paris, at the end you  can see the monumental Arc de Triomphe, that was commissioned by Napoleon to commemorate his important victory at Austerlitz.

3- Seine River, you should take the boat and cruise around Paris. It is just so very beautiful everything you see.

4- The Louvre, the most well-known and important museums in the world, you can see the Mona Lisa and the famous Water Lily painting by Monet, my favorite.

5-Notre-Dame Cathedral, the most famous cathedral in the world. The architecture is breath-taking and it is the first Gothic cathedrals ever built, its construction took almost 200 years and the Seine River is right by it.

6-Versailles Palace is one of the most beautiful achievements of the 18th century French Art, each of the three Kings who lived there until the French Revolution added improvements to make it even more magnificent. This is a must see! And don't miss the little village built for Marie Antoinette - very charming.

7 - The parks and gardens are wonderful. Luxembourg Gardens would take a day at least and the Bois de Boulogne is build for lovers.

8 - It is so hard to end this list, but I strongly recommend Montmartre and the Sacre Coeur! Stunning! and after you climb the stairs and visit the church, you will be rewarded with a street art exhibit behind the church and one of my favorite bistro's Lapin Agile. Enjoy.

And of course the list can go on and on about where to go in Paris. Ah! Do not forget to take a map and a dictionary. Some of the French people can be very rude, mostly to Americans, just ignore them, otherwise you won't have a good time. I have found wonderful and very helpful people in Paris, so good luck to you and have a great trip.

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