Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Year's Eve Celebrations

The reason I want to talk about New Year's Eve is because I have enjoyed New Year's Eve in many countries of the world, but nothing compares to Rio! There, everyone dresses in white for luck and toast the arrival of the New Year with drink and frivolity. People go to the beach, carrying a white rose to  give to the ocean and make a wish for the New Year - it is just beautiful.

 With the beaches full of people celebrating, dressed in white, fireworks displays are everywhere along Copacabana beach and even cascade down the Meridian Hotel  like a waterfall - it is magnificent! Live music up and down the beach attracts  more than 2 million people to the ocean's edge every year.

If you want to have an amazing New Years Eve, go to Rio, it is nothing you have ever seen before.

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