Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where to stay in Paris

If this is a short trip and you will be staying in a hotel, it would be great if you would plan your trip in the off season, meaning avoid high season -Spring to Summer and around Christmas when hotels are more expensive. If, on the other hand, you will be renting, be aware that some agencies, which seem to be very flexible, actually do not abide by the French law and do not carefully select the landlord's that are trustworthy. Be careful.

Since most of you will be staying in a hotel, here are some that I do recommend:
They are in good location, have speaking English staff, are clean, comfortable rooms but not fancy lobbies - a place to rest and get some sleep. I am listing, the local districts that make up Paris. This will help you with taxi drivers.
So here they are:
Central Paris (1st & 2nd)- Hotel Mansart- reasonable, classy mid size hotel. Very close to the Hotel Ritz but rooms start at 700 euros if you prefer.
Marais ( 3rd, 4th)- Hotel Caron de Beumarchais- an antique-filled, historic 18th century experience.
Marais (3rd - 4th) Hotel Beaumarchais- hip, colorful, located near Marais and the Bastille, great value for your money if you are looking for a hotel off tourist area; but, it is walking distance to most Paris attractions.
 Now, these are better and of course more expensive hotels but not as much as The Ritz:

Hotel Notre-Dame Saint-Michel (5th)- From the Left bank, it faces the Notre Dame Cathedral. The rooms are uniquely designed to combined the old and the new. The rooms are around 250 euros per night.
Hotel Quai Voltaire (7th)- This hotel has been famous for centuries for it is one of kind panoramic view across the Seine River to the exterior of the Louvre. You can ask if you can stay in the same room where Picasso painted what he saw outside his widow in "Quai Malaquia" or where Wagner composed his famous symphony " Mastersingers of the Nuremberg". Pretty cool! The rooms start at 105 euros. 
Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel (15th)- Rooms are modern and large, you can see the Eiffel Tower so close from your room. The price is around 190 euros per night.
I hope these tips will help you.
This was a quick overview of Paris, next we go to London.

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